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  1. Invitation for Bids ………………………………………………………………………………………..  1
  2. Instruction to Bidders …………………………………………………………………………………..  2
  3. Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………………..  2
  4. The bidding Document ……………………………………………………………………………  2
  5. Preparation of Bids …………………………………………………………………………………  3
  6. Submission of Bids …………………………………………………………………………………  7
  7. Opening & Evaluation of Bids …………………………………………………………………  8
  8. Award of Contract ………………………………………………………………………………….  12
  9. General condition of contracts ……………………………………………………………………….  15
  10. 49+1+1 seated intercity bus specification ……………………………………………………….  26
  11. Special condition of contract …………………………………………………………………………  40

SECTION I.  Invitation for bids

Invitation for bids

Selam Bus Line Share Company would like to invite competent local eligible bidders for the supply and delivery of 10 Inter City tourist / luxuries Buses to be used for public transport service on roads in Ethiopia and neighbor countries effectively.

Bidders are required to furnish the following with their bid documents:-  

  1. Manufacturer certificate to participate with this tender.
  2. Renewed trade license for new vehicle import.
  3. Vat registration certificate.
  4. TIN registration certificate.
  5. Trade license valid for the year 2018/19.
  6. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased at Selam bus line share company meskel square finfine building, 5th floor finance department during office hours from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM starting from March 11,2019  with a non refundable fee of ETB 100.00 (One hundred Ethiopian Birr only).
  7. The bid shall be valid for 60 days from the date of opening.
  8. The Bid shall be accompanied by a bid security of Birr 200, 000 (Two Hundred Thousand birr only) in the form of CPO or unconditional bank guarantee with the name of Selam Bus line share company.
  9. The deadline of bid submission is April 02, 2019 at 5:00 P.M
  10. The bid will be opened in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives, who is authorized by the bidder to attend at 9:00 am on the date of April 03, 2019 at Selam bus line share company Meeting Hall (4th floor Room No 20).
  11. Bidders are strictly advised to read carefully the bid document before submitting their financial and technical proposal.
  12. Selam bus line Share Company reserves the right to accept or reject part of or all bids.
  13. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Selam Bus Line Share Company website: and Technic and Supply Department.

Mobile. +251 911 16 25 58

Tel: – 011 4 70 83 32

Section II. Instructions to Bidders

  1. Introduction
  2. Source of fund
    1. Selam Bus line Share Company invites National competitive bidders to procure 49+1+1 Inter-city buses as specified in the bidding document, using the funds identified in the invitation to bid, in the budget year  of 2018/19.
    1. Payment under the contracts resulting from this invitation to bid will be made in Ethiopian birr strictly in accordance with the condition of payment stated in this bidding document.
  3. Eligible Buses and Parts
    1. For the purposes of this clause, “origin” means the place where the goods are made, grown, or produced, or the place from which the related services are supplied. Buses are produced when, through manufacturing, processing, or substantial and major assembly of components, a commercially recognized product results that is substantially different in basic characteristics or in purpose or utility from its components.
    1. The origin of buses and parts is distinct from the nationality of the Bidders.
  4. Cost of  Bidding
    1. The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its bid, and the purchaser will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.
  5. The Bidding Documents
  6. Content of Bidding Document
    1. The goods required, bidding procedures, and contract terms are prescribed in the bidding documents. In addition to the invitation for bids, the bidding documents including:
  7. Instructions to Bidders
  8. General conditions of contract
  9. Special conditions of contract
  10. Schedule of requirements
  11. Technical specifications
  12. Bid form and price schedules
  13. Bid security form
  14. Contract form
  15. Performance security form
  16. Manufacture’s authorization form
    1. The Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms, and specifications in the bidding documents. Failure to furnish all information required by the bidding documents or to submit a bid not substantially responsive to the bidding documents in every respect will be at the bidder’s risk and may result in rejection of its bid.
  17. Clarification of bidding documents
    1. A prospective bidder requiring any clarification of the bidding documents may notify the purchaser in writing or by cable (hereinafter, the term cable is deemed to include telex and facsimile) at the purchaser’s address. The purchaser will respond in writing to any request for clarification of the bidding documents, which it receives no later than seven days prior to the deadline for the submission of bids. Written copies of the purchaser’s response (including an explanation of the query but without indentifying the source of inquiry) will be sent to all prospective bidders that have received the bidding documents.
  18. Amendment of bidding documents
    1. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of bids, the purchaser, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective bidder, may modify the bidding documents by amendment.
    1. All prospective bidders that have received the bidding documents will be notified of the amendment in writing or by cable, and will be binding on them.
    1. In order to allow prospective bidders reasonable time in which to take the amendment into account in preparing their bids, the purchaser, at its discretion, may extend the deadline for the submission of bids.
  • Preparation of Bids
  • Language of bid  
    • The bid prepared by the Bidder, as well as all correspondence and documents relating to the bid exchanged by the Bidder and the Purchaser shall be written in English.
  • Documents constituting the Bid
    • The bid prepared by the Bidder shall comprise the following components:
  • price schedule as per the attached  form 
  • bid security in Ethiopian Birr
  • Bid form
    • The bidder shall complete the appropriate price schedule furnished in the bidding documents, indicating the goods to be supplied, a brief description of the goods, their country of origin quantity, and prices including 15% VAT.
  • Bid prices
    • The Bidder shall indicate on the appropriate price schedule the unit prices (where applicable) and total bid price of the goods it proposes to supply under the contract including 15% VAT.
    • Prices quoted by the bidder shall be fixed during the bidder’s performance of the contract and not subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted with an adjustable price quotation will be treated as non-responsive and will be rejected. Prices quoted by the bidder shall be subject to adjustment during the performance of the contract, a bid submitted with a fixed price quotation will not be rejected, but the price adjustment would be treated as zero.
  • Bid currencies
  • For the goods and services that the bidder will supply from outside the purchaser’s country, the prices shall be quoted in Ethiopian Birr.
  • Documents establishing bidder’s eligibility and qualification:-
    • The bidder shall furnish, as part of its bid documents establishing the bidder’s eligibility to bid and its qualifications to perform the contract if its bid is accepted.
    • The documentary evidence of the Bidder’s eligibility to bid shall establish to the Purchaser’s satisfaction that the Bidder, at the time of submission of its bid, is from an eligible country.
    • The documentary evidence of the Bidder’s eligibility to perform the contract if its bid is accepted shall establish to the purchaser’s satisfaction:
  • that in the case of a Bidder offering to supply buses under the contract which the Bidder did not manufacture or otherwise produce, the Bidder has been duly authorized by the goods’ manufacturer or producer to supply the goods in the purchaser’s country;
  • that the bidder has the financial, technical, and production capability necessary to perform the contract;
  • that in the case of a Bidder not doing business within the purchaser’s country, the Bidder is or will be (if awarded the contract) represented by an agent in that country equipped and able to carry out the supplier’s maintenance, repair, and spare parts-stocking obligations prescribed in the conditions of contract and/or Technical Specifications; and
  • that the Bidder meets the qualification criteria.
  • Documents establishing buses’ eligibility and conformity to bidding documents
    • The bidder shall furnish, as part of its bid documents establishing the eligibility and conformity to the bidding documents of buses, which the Bidder proposes to supply under the contract.
    • The documentary evidence of the eligibility of the goods and services shall consist of a statement in the price schedule of the country of origin of the goods and services offered which a certificate of origin issued at the time of shipment shall confirm.
    • The documentary evidence of conformity of the goods and services to the bidding documents may be in the form of literature, drawings, and data, and shall consist of:
  • A detailed description of the essential technical and performance characteristics of the goods;
  • A list giving full particulars, including available sources and current  prices of spare parts, special tools, etc., necessary for the proper and continuing functioning of the buses following commencement of the use of the buses by the purchaser; and
  • An item-by-item commentary on the purchaser’s Technical Specifications demonstrating substantial responsiveness of the goods and services to those specifications, or a statement of deviations and exceptions to the provisions of the Technical Specifications.
    • For purposes of the commentary to be furnished pursuant to the above, the Bidder shall not that standards for workmanship, material, and equipment, as well as references to brand names or catalogue numbers designated by the purchaser in its Technical Specifications, are intended to be descriptive only and not restrictive. The bidder may substitute alternative standards, brand names, and/or catalogue number in its bid, provided that it demonstrates to the purchaser’s satisfaction that the substitutions ensure substantial equivalence to those designated in the Technical Speculations.
  1. Bid security
    1. The bidder shall furnish, as part of its bid, a bid security of Birr 200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand) in the form of CPO or cash deposited.    
    1. The bid security is required to protect the purchaser against the risk of bidder’s conduct which would warrant the security’s forfeiture.
    1. The bid security shall be denominated in Ethiopian Birr and shall be in one of the following forms:
  2. unconditional bank guarantee or an irrevocable letter of credit issued by a reputable bank located in the purchaser’s country in the form provided in the bidding documents or another form acceptable to the purchaser and valid for Ninety (90) days beyond the validity or the bid; or
  3. a cashier’s or certified check.
    1. The purchaser as non-responsive will reject any bid not secured in accordance with 14.1 and 14.3
    1. Unsuccessful bidders’ bid securities will be discharged or returned as promptly as possible but not later than thirty (30)  days after the expiration of the period of bid validity prescribed by the purchaser.
    1. The successful Bidder’s bid security will be discharged upon the bidder signing the contract, pursuant to ITB Clause 31, and furnishing the performance security, pursuant to ITB CLAUSE 32.
    1. The bid security may be forfeited:
  4. if a Bidder:
  5. withdraws its bid during the period of bid validity specified by the bidder on the bid form, or
  6. does not accept the correction of errors pursuant to ITB Clause 22.2; or
  7. in the case of a successful bidder, if the bidder fails
  8. to sign the contract in accordance with ITB Clause  31; or
  9. to furnish performance security in accordance with ITB Clause 32.
  1. Period of validity of bids
    1. Bids shall remain valid for three months following the date set for submission of tenders. The purchaser as non-responsive shall reject a bid valid for a shorter period.
    1. In exceptional circumstances, the purchaser may solicit the bidder’s consent to an extension of the period of validity. The request and the responses thereto shall be made in writing (or by cable). The bid security provided under ITB Clause 14 shall also be suitably extended.
    1. In the case of fixed price contracts, if the award is delayed by a period exceeding sixty (60) days beyond the expiry of the initial bid validity, the contract price will be increased by a factor specified in the request for extension.
  • Submission of Bids
  1. Sealing and Marking of bids
    1. The bidder shall seal the original and each copy of the bid in separate envelopes, duly marking the envelopes as “ORIGINAL” and “COPY”. The envelopes shall then be sealed in an outer envelope.
    1. The inner and outer envelopes shall:
  2. Be addressed to the Purchaser at the address given
  3. Bear the project name clearly written and statement: “DO NOT OPEN BEFORE,” the opening date.
    1. The inner envelopes shall also indicate the name and address of the Bidder to enable the bid to be returned unopened in case it is declared “late”.
    1. If the outer envelope is not sealed and marked as required the purchaser will assume no responsibility for the bid’s misplacement or premature opening.
  4. Deadline for submission of bids
    1. The purchaser at the given address specified the deadline no later than the given time and date specified in ITB Clause 10.
    1. The purchaser may, at its discretion, extend this deadline for the submission of bids by amending the bidding documents in accordance with ITB Clause 7, in which case all rights and obligations of the purchaser and bidders previously subject to the deadline will thereafter, be subject to the deadline as extended.
  1. Late Bids
    1. Any bid received by the purchaser after the deadline for submission of bids prescribed by the purchaser will be rejected and returned unopened to the bidder.
  2. Modification and withdrawal of bids
    1. The bidder may modify or withdraw its bid after the bid’s submission, provided that written notice of the modification, including submission, provided that written notice of the modification, including substitution or withdrawal of the bids, is received by the purchaser prior to the deadline prescribed for submission of bids.
    1. The bidder’s modification or withdrawal notice shall be prepared, sealed, marked, and dispatched in accordance with the provisions of ITB Clause 16. A withdrawal notice may also be sent by cable, but followed by a signed confirmation copy, postmarked not later than the deadline for submission of bids.
    1. No bid may be modified after the deadline for submission of bids.
    1. No bid may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of bids and the expiration of the period of bid validity specified by the bidder on the bid form. Withdrawal of a bid during this interval may result in the bidder’s forfeiture of its bid security, pursuant to the ITB Clause 14.7
  • Opening and Evaluation of bids
  • Opening of bids by the purchaser
    • The purchaser will open all bids in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend, at the time, on the date, and at the place specified. The bidders’ representatives who are present shall sign a register evidencing their attendance.
    • The bidders’ names, bid modifications or withdrawals, bid prices, discounts, and the presence or absence of requisite bid security and such other details as the purchaser, at its discretion, may consider appropriate, will be announced at the opening. No bid shall be rejected at bid opening, except for late bids, which shall be returned unopened to the bidder.
    • Bids (and modifications sent pursuant to ITB Clause 19.2) that are not opened and read out at bid opening shall not be considered further for evaluation, irrespective of the circumstance.
    • The purchaser will prepare minutes of the bid opening.
  • Clarification of bids.
    • During evaluation of the bids, the purchaser may, at its discretion, ask the bidder for a clarification of its bid. The request for clarification and the response shall be in writing, and no change in the prices or substance of the bid shall be sought, offered, or permitted.
  • Preliminary examination
    • The purchaser will examine the bids to determine whether they are complete, whether any computational errors have been made, whether required sureties have been furnished, whether the documents have been properly signed, and whether the bids are generally in order.
    • Arithmetical errors will rectified on the following basis. If there is a discrepancy between the unity price and the total price that is obtained by multiplying the unit price and quantity, the unit price shall prevail, and the total price shall be corrected. If there is a discrepancy between words and figures, the amount in words will prevail. If the supplier does not accept the correction of the errors, its bid will be rejected, and its bid security may be forfeited.
    • The purchaser may waive any minor informality, nonconformity, or irregularity in a bid which does not constitute a material deviation provided such waiver does not prejudice or affect the relative ranking of any bidder.
    • Prior to the detailed evaluation, pursuant to ITB Clause 23, the purchaser will determine the substantial responsiveness of each bid to the bidding documents. For purposes of the Clauses, a substantially responsive bid is one which conforms to all the terms and conditions of the bidding documents without material deviations. Deviations from, or objections or reservations to critical provisions, such as those concerning Bid Security (ITB Clause 14), Applicable Law (GCC ITB Clause 28), and Taxes and Duties (GCCITB Clause 30), will be deemed  to be a material deviation. The Purchaser’s determination of a bid’s responsiveness is to be based on the contents of the bid itself without recourse to extrinsic evidence.
    • If a bid is not substantially responsive, it will be rejected by the purchaser and may not subsequently be made responsive by the Bidder by correction of the nonconformity.
  • Evaluation and Comparison of Bids
    • The purchaser will evaluate and compare the bids, which have been determined to be substantially responsive, pursuant to ITB Clause 24.
    • The purchaser’s evaluation of a bid will exclude and not take into account:
  • In the case of goods manufactured in the purchaser’s country or goods of foreign origin already located in the purchasers country, sales and other similar taxes, which will be payable on the goods if a contract is awarded to the bidder;
  • Any allowance for price adjustment during the period of execution of the contract, of  provided in the bid.
    • The purchaser’s evaluation of a bid will take into account, in addition to the bid price quoted in accordance with ITB Clause ___, one or more of the following factors:
  • Cost of inland transportation, insurance, and other costs within the purchaser’s country incidental to delivery of the goods to their final destination.
  • Delivery schedule offered in the bid;
  • Deviation in payment schedule from that specified in the special conditions of contract;
  • The cost of components, mandatory spare parts, and service;
  • The availability in the purchaser’s country of spare parts and after sales services for the equipment offered in the bid;
  • The projected operating and maintenance costs during the life of the equipment;
  • The performance and productivity of the equipment offered; and/or the equipment;
  • Other specific criteria in the Technical Specifications.
  • For factors retained in the ITB 24.4 one or more of the following quantification methods will be applied, as detailed in the Bid Data sheet:
  • Delivery schedule.
  • The purchaser requires that the goods under the Invitation of Bids shall be delivered (shipped) at the time specified in the schedule of requirements. The estimated time of arrival of the goods at Addis Abeba will be calculated for each bid after allowing for reasonable international and inland transportation time.

(ii) the invitation is required to be delivered (shipped) within an acceptable range of weeks specified in the schedule of requirement. No credit will be given to earlier deliveries, and bids offering delivery beyond this range will be treated as non-responsive. Within this acceptable range, an adjustment per week, will be added for evaluation to the bid price of bids offering deliveries later than the earliest delivery period specified in the schedule of requirements.

  • Deviation in payment schedule.
  • Bidders shall state their bid price for the payment schedule outlined in the SCC. Bids will be evaluated on the basis of this base price. Bidders are, however, permitted to state an alternative payment schedule and indicate the reduction in bid price they wish to offer for such alternative payment schedule. The purchaser may consider the alternative payment schedule offered by the selected bidder.

(c). Cost of spare parts.

(i). the list of items and quantities of major assemblies, components, and selected spare parts, likely to be required during the initial period of operation is annexed to the Technical specifications.


(ii). the purchaser will draw up a list of high usage and high value items of components and spare parts, along with estimated quantities of usage in the initial period of operation.


(iii). the purchaser will estimate the cost of spare parts usage in the initial period of operation, based on information furnished by each bidder, as well as on past experience of the purchaser or other purchasers in similar situations.

(d). spare parts and after sales service facilities in the purchaser’s country.

The cost to the purchaser of establishing the minimum service facilities and parts inventories, in the bidding documents, if quoted separately, shall be added to the bid price.

(e). operating and maintenance costs.

Since the operating and maintenance cost of the buses under procurement from a major part of the life cycle cost of the equipment, these costs will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria or in the Technical Specifications.

(f). performance and productivity of the equipment.

(i). bidders shall state the guaranteed performance or efficiency in response to the Technical Specification. For each drop in the performance or efficiency below the norm of 100, an adjustment will be added to the bid price, representing the capitalized cost of additional operating costs over the life of the buses specified in the Technical Specifications.


(ii). Buses offered shall have a minimum productivity specified under the relevant provision in the Technical Specifications to be considered responsive. Evaluation shall be based on the cost per unit of the actual productivity of goods offered in the bid, and adjustment will be added to the bid price specified in the Technical Specifications.

(g). Specific additional criteria

Other specific additional criteria to be considered in the evaluation and the evaluation method shall be detailed in the and/or the Technical Specifications.

  • Contacting the purchaser
    • From the time of bid opening to the time of contract award, if any bidder wishes to contact the purchaser on any matter related to the bid, it should do so in writing.
    • Any effort by a Bidder to influence the Purchaser in its decisions on bid evaluation, bid comparison, or contract award may result in the rejection of the Bidder’s bid.
  • Award of Contract
  • Post qualification
    • In the absence of pre-qualification, the purchaser will determine to its satisfaction whether the Bidder that is selected as having submitted the lowest evaluated responsive bid is qualified to perform the contract satisfactorily, in accordance with the criteria listed in ITB Clause13.3.
    • The determination will take into account the Bidder’s financial technical, and production capabilities. It will be based upon an examination of the documentary evidence of the Bidder’s qualifications submitted by the Bidder, pursuant to ITB Clause 13.3, as well as such other information as the purchaser deems necessary and appropriate.
    • An affirmative determination will be a prerequisite for award of the contract to the Bidder. A negative determination will result in rejection of the Bidder’s bid, in which event the Purchaser will proceed to the next lowest evaluated bid to make a similar determination of that Bidder’s capabilities to perform satisfactorily.
  • Award Criteria
    • Subject to ITB Clause 29, the purchaser will award the contract to the successful bidder whose bid has been determined to be substantially responsive and has been determined to be lowest evaluated bid, provided further that the bidder is determined to be qualified to perform the contract satisfactorily.
  • Purchaser’s Right to Vary Quantities at Time of Award
    • The purchaser reserves the right at the time of contract award to increase or decrease, the quantity of buses, spare parts & special tools originally specified in the schedule of Requirements without any change in unit price or other terms and conditions.
  • Purchaser’s Right to Accept Any Bid and to reject any or All Bids.
    • The purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annual the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Bidder or bidders.
  • Notification of Award
    • Prior to the expiration of the period of bid validity, the purchaser will notify the successful bidder in writing by registered letter or by cable, to be conformed in writing by registered letter, that its bid has been accepted.
    • The notification of award will constitute the formation of the contract.
    • Upon the successful Bidder’s furnishing of the performance security pursuant to ITB Clause 32, the purchaser will promptly notify the name of the winning Bidder to each unsuccessful Bidder and will discharge its bid security, pursuant to ITB Clause 14.
    • If, after notification of award, a Bidder wishes to ascertain the ground on which its bid was not selected, it should address its request to the purchaser. The purchaser will promptly respond in writing to the unsuccessful Bidder.
  • Signing of Contract
    • At the same time as the purchaser notifies the successful Bidder that its bid has been accepted, the Purchaser will send the Bidder the Contract from provided in the bidding documents, incorporating all agreements between the parties.
    • Within ten (10) days of receipt of the contract from, the successful Bidder sign and date the contract and return it to the purchaser.
  • Performance Security
    • Within ten (10) days of the receipt of notification of award from the purchaser, the successful bidder shall furnish the performance security in accordance with the conditions of contract, in the performance Security from provided in the bidding documents, or in another from acceptable to the purchaser.
    • Failure of the successful bidder to comply with the requirement of ITB Clause 31.2 or ITB Clause 31.1 shall constitute sufficient grounds for the annulment of the award and forfeiture of the bid security, in which event the purchaser may make the award to the next lowest evaluated bidder or call for new bids.
  • Corrupt or Fraudulent Practices
    • The purchaser requires that Bidders /Suppliers/ observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts. In pursuance of this policy, the purchaser:
  • Defines, for the purposes of this provision, the terms set forth below as follows:
  • “corrupt practice” means the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting of anything of value to influence the action of  a public official in the procurement process or in contract execution; and  
  • “fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the purchaser, and includes collusive practice among Bidders (prior to or after bid submission) designed to establish bid prices at artificial non competitive levels and to deprive the purchaser of the benefits of free and open completion;
  • Will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the bidder recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question;
  • Will declare a firm ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time; to be awarded a purchaser contract if it at any time determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing, a purchaser contract.
    • Furthermore, Bidders shall be aware of the provision stated in ITB Clauses 5.4 & 22.1 of the General conditions of contract.

Section III. General Conditions of Contract

  1. Definitions
    1. In this Contract, the following terms shall be interpreted as indicated;
  2. “The Contract” means the agreement entered into between the purchaser and the supplier, as recorded in the contract from signed by the parties, including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein.
  3. “The contract price” means the price payable to the supplier under the contract for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations.
  4. “The Goods” means all of equipment, machinery, and/or other materials which the supplier is required to supply to the purchaser under the contract.
  5. “The services” means those services ancillary to the supply of the Goods, such as transportation and insurance, and any other incidental services, such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training and other such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, and other such obligations of the Supplier covered under the contract.
  6. “GCC” means the General Conditions of Contract contained in this section.
  7. “SCC” means the Special Conditions of Contract.  
  8. “The Purchaser” or “SBLSC” means the organization purchasing the buses.
  9. “The Purchaser’s country” is Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
  10. “The Supplier” means the individual or firm supplying the buses under this contract and named in SCC.
  11. “Day” means calendar day.
  12. Application
    1. These General Conditions shall apply to the extent that provisions of other parts of the contract do not supersede them.
  13. Country of Origin
    1. All goods and services supplied under the contract shall have their origin in the countries and territories eligible under the rules of the international rules.
    1. For purposes of this ITB Clause “origin” means the place where the Goods were the Goods were made, grown, or produced, or from which the Services are supplied. Goods are produced when, through manufacturing, processing, or substantial and major assembly of components, a commercially recognized new product results that is substantially different in basic characteristics or in purpose or utility from its components.
    1. The origin of Goods and Services is distinct from the nationality of the Supplier.
  14. Standards
    1. The Goods supplied under this Contract shall conform to the standards mentioned in the Technical Specification, and, when no applicable standard is mentioned, to the authoritative standards appropriate to the Goods’ country of origin. Such standards shall be the latest issued by the concerned institution.
  15. Use of Contract Documents and Information; Inspection and Audit by the Bank
    1. The supplier shall not, without the Purchaser’s prior written consent, disclose the Contract, or any provision thereof, or any specification, plan, drawing, pattern, sample, or information furnished by or on behalf of the Purchaser in connection therewith, to any person other than a person employed by the Supplier in the performance of the Contract. Disclosure to any such employed person shall be made in confidence and shall extend only so far as may be necessary for purposes of such performance.
    1. The supplier shall not, without the Purchaser’s prior written consent, make use of any document or information enumerated in GCCC ITB Clause 5.1 except for purposes of performing the Contract.
    1. Any document, other than the contract itself, enumerated in GCC Clause 5.1 shall remain the property of the purchaser and shall be returned (all copies) to the Purchaser on completion of the Supplier’s performance under the contract if so required by the purchaser.
  16. Patent Rights
    1. The supplier shall indemnify the purchaser against all third-party claims of infringement of patent, trademark, or industrial design rights arising from use of the Goods or any part thereof in the purchaser’s country.
  17. Performance Security
    1. Within ten (10) days, of receipt of the notification of Contract award, the successful Bidder shall furnish to the Purchaser the performance security in the amount specified in SCC.
    1. The proceeds of the performance security shall be payable to the Purchaser as compensation for any loss resulting from the Supplier’s failure to complete its obligations under the Contract.
    1. The performance security shall be denominated in the currency of the currency, of the contract, or in a freely convertible currency acceptable to the Purchaser and shall be in one of the following forms:
  18. A bank guarantee or an irrevocable letter of credit issued by a reputable bank located in the Purchase’s country or abroad, acceptable to the Purchaser, in the form provided in the bidding documents or another form acceptable to the Purchaser; or
  19. a cashier’s or certified check.
    1. The performance security will be discharged by the Purchaser and returned to the Supplier not later than thirty (30) days, following the date of completion of the Supplier’s performance obligations under the Contract, including any warranty obligations, unless otherwise specified in SCC.  
  20. Inspections and Tests
    1. The purchaser or its representative shall have the right to inspect and/or to test the Goods to confirm their conformity to the Contract specifications at no extra cost to the Purchaser. SCC and the Technical Specifications shall specify what inspections and tests the Purchaser requires and where they are to be conducted. The purchaser shall notify the supplier in writing, in a timely manner, of the identify of any representatives retained for these purpose.  
    1. The inspections and tests may be conducted on the premises of the Supplier or its subcontractor(s), at point of delivery, and/or at the Goods’ final destination. If conducted on the premises of the Supplier or its subcontractor(s), all reasonable facilities and assistance, including access to drawings and production data, shall be furnished to the inspectors at no charge to the Purchaser.
    1. Should any inspected or tested buses fail to conform to the Specifications, the Purchaser may reject the buses, and the Supplier shall either replace the rejected buses or make alterations necessary to meet specification requirements free of cost to the purchaser.
    1. The purchaser’s right inspect, test and, where necessary, reject the Goods after the Goods’ arrival in the Purchaser’s country shall in no way be limited or waived by reason of the Goods having previously been inspected, tested, and passed by the Purchaser of its representative prior to the Goods’ shipment from the country of origin.
    1. Noting in GCC Clause 8 shall in any way release the supplier from any warranty or other obligations under this contract.
  21. Packing
    1. The supplier shall provide such packing of the spare parts & special tools as is required to prevent their damage or deterioration during transit to their final destination, as indicated in the contract. The packing shall be sufficient to withstand, without limitation, rough handling during transit and exposure to extreme temperatures, salt and precipitation during transit, and open storage. Packing case size and weights shall take into consideration, where appropriate, the remoteness of the Goods, final destination and the absence of heavy handling facilities as all points in transit.  
    1. The packing, marking, and documentation within and outside the packages shall comply strictly with such special requirements as shall be expressly provided for in the contract, including additional requirements, if any, specified in SCC, and in any subsequent instructions ordered by the purchase.
  22. Insurance
    1. The buses supplied under the contract shall be fully insured in a freely convertible currency against loss or damage incidental to manufacture or acquisition, transportation, storage, and delivery in the manner Specified in the SCC.
    1. Where delivery of the Goods is required by the purchaser on a CIF or CIP basis, the Supplier shall arrange and pay for insurance naming the Purchaser as beneficiary. Where delivery is on FCA basis, insurance shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.
  23. Transportation
    1.  Where the Supplier is required under contract to deliver the Goods up to Addis Ababa Selam Bus Line Share Company warehouse with all cost including VAT paid.
    1. Where the Supplier is required under the Contract to transport the buses to Addis Ababa Selam Bus Line Share Company warehouse.
    1. Where the Supplier is required under Contract to deliver the buses in Ethiopian Birr and this will include all costs including custom, VAT, transit, inland, transit cost and others related costs to deliver the goods to the purchaser final delivery place.
  1. Spare parts
    1. As specified in SCC, the Supplier may be required to provide any or all of the following materials, notifications, and information pertaining to spare parts manufactured or distributed by the supplier:
  2. Such spare parts as the Purchaser may elect to purchase from the Supplier, provide that this election shall not relieve the Supplier of any warranty obligations under the Contract; and
  3. In the event of termination of production of the spare parts:
  4. Advance notification to the Purchaser of the pending termination, insufficient time to permit the Purchaser to procure needed requirements; and
  5. Following such termination, furnishing at no cost to the Purchaser, the blue prints, drawings, and specifications of the spare parts, if requested.
  6. Warranty
    1. The supplier warrants that the Goods supplied under the contract are new, unused, of the most recent or current models, and that they incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials unless provided otherwise in the contract. The Supplier further warrants that all Goods supplied under this contract shall have no defect, arising from design, materials, or workmanship (except when the design and/or material is required by the purchaser’s specifications) or from any act or omission of the Supplier, that may develop under normal use of the supplied Goods in the conditions prevailing in the country of final destination.
    1. This warranty shall remain valid for twenty four (24) months after the buses have commenced operation or a distance of 200,000 kilometer coverage whichever comes first excluding service parts, glasses, tyre, break lines, clutch disc.  
    1. The purchaser shall promptly notify the supplier in writing of any claims arising under this warranty.
    1. Upon receipt of such notice, the Supplier shall, within the period specified in SCC and with all reasonable speed, repair or replace the defective Goods or parts thereof, without costs to the Purchaser other than, where applicable, the cost of inland delivery of the repaired or replaced Goods or parts from EXW or the port or place of entry to the final destination.
    1. If the Supplier, having been notified, fails to remedy the defect (s) within the period specified in SCC, the purchaser may proceed to take such remedial action as may be necessary, at the Supplier’s risk and expense and without prejudice to any other rights which the Purchaser may have against the Supplier under the contract.  
  7. Payment
    1. The method and conditions of payment to be made to the supplier under this Contract shall be specified in SCC.
    1. The Supplier’s request (s) for payment shall be made to the Purchaser in writing, accompanied by an invoice describing, as appropriate, the buses delivered and Services performed, and by documents submitted pursuant to GCC Clause 10, and upon fulfillment of other obligations stipulated in the contract.
    1. The supplier shall make promptly by the purchaser, but in no case payments later than sixty (60) days after submission of an invoice or claim.
    1. The currency or currencies in which payment is made to the Supplier under this contract shall be specified in SCC subject to the following general principle: payment will be made in the currency or currencies in which the payment has been requested in the Supplier’s bid.
    1. All payments shall be made in Ethiopian Birr.
  8. Prices
    1. Prices charged by the Supplier for buses delivered and services performed under the Contract shall not vary from the prices quoted by the Supplier in its bid, with the exception of any price adjustments authorized in SCC or in the Purchaser’s request for bid validity extension, as the case may be.
  9. Change Orders
    1. The Purchaser may at any time, by a written order given to the Supplier pursuant to GCC Clause 30, make changes within the general scope of the contract in any one or more of the following:
  10. Drawings, designs, or specifications, where Goods to be furnished under the Contract are to be specifically manufactured for Purchaser;
  11. The method of shipment or packing;
  12. The place of delivery; and/or
  13. The services to be provided by the Supplier.
    1. If any such change causes an increase or decrease in the cost of, or the time required for, the Supplier’s performance of any provisions under the Contract, an equitable adjustment shall be made in the contract price or delivery schedule, or both, and the contract shall accordingly be amended. Any claims by the supplier for adjustment under this clause must be asserted within thirty (30) days from the date of the Supplier’s receipt of the Purchaser’s change order.
  14. Contract Amendments
    1. Subject to GCC Clause 16, no variation in or modification of the terms of the Contract shall be made except by written amendment signed by the parties.
  15. Assignment
    1. The Supplier shall not assign. In whole or in part, its obligations to perform under this Contract, except with the Purchaser’s prior written consent.
  16. Subcontracts
    1. The supplier shall notify the purchaser in writing of all subcontracts awarded under this contract if not already specified in the bid. Such notification, in the original bid or later, shall not relieve the supplier from any liability or obligation under the contract.
    1. Subcontracts must comply with the provisions of GCC Clause 3.
  17. Delays in the Supplier’s Performance
    1. Delivery of the Goods and performance of Services shall be made by the Supplier in accordance with the time schedule prescribed by the Purchaser in the Schedule of Requirements.
    1. If at any time during performance of the Contract, the Supplier or its subcontractor(s) should encounter conditions impeding timely delivery of the buses and performance of Services, the Supplier shall promptly notify the Purchaser in writing of the fact of the delay, its likely duration and its cause (s). as soon as practicable after receipt of the Supplier’s notice, the Purchaser shall evaluate the situation and may at its discretion extend the Supplier’s time for performance, with or  without liquidated damages, in which case the extension shall be ratified by the parties by amendment of Contract.
    1. Except as provide under GCC Clause 23, a delay by the supplier in the performance of its delivery obligations shall render the Supplier liable to the imposition of liquidated damages pursuant to GCC Clause 21, unless an extension of time is agreed upon pursuant to GCC close 20.2, without the application of liquidated damages.
  18.  Liquidated Damages
    1. Subject to GCC Clause 23,  if the Supplier fails to delivery and or all of the Goods or to perform the Services within the period(s) specified in the contract, the purchaser shall, without prejudice to its other remedies under the contract, deduct from the contract price, as liquidated damages, a sum equivalent to the percentage specified in SCC of the delivered price of the delayed Goods or unperformed services for each week or part thereof of delay until actual delivery or performance, up to a maximum deduction of the percentage specified in SCC. Once the maximum is reached, the purchaser may consider termination of the contract pursuant to GCC Clause 22.
  19. Termination for Default
    1. The purchaser, without prejudice to any other remedy for breach of contract, by written notice of default sent to the supplier, may terminate this contract in whole or in part:
  20. If the supplier fails to deliver any or all of the Goods within the period (s) specified in the Contract, or within any extension thereof granted by the Purchaser pursuant to GCC Clause 20 or.
  21. If the supplier fails to perform any other obligation(s) under the contract.
  22. If the supplier, in the judgment of the purchaser, has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for or in executing the Contract.

For the purpose of this clause:

“corrupt practice” means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value to influence the action of a public official in the procurement process or in contract execution.

“fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the Borrower, and includes collusive practice among Bidders (prior to or after bid submission) designed to establish bid prices at artificial non-competitive levels and to deprive the Borrower of the benefits of free and open completion.

  • In the event the purchaser terminates the contract in whole or in part, pursuant to GCC Clause 22.1. the purchaser may procure upon such terms and in such manner as it deems appropriate, Goods or Services similar to those undelivered, and the Supplier shall be liable to the Purchaser for any excess costs for such similar Goods or Services. However, the Supplier shall continue performance of the Contract to the extent not terminated.
  • Force Majeure
    • Notwithstanding the provisions of GCC Clauses 18, 19 and 20, the supplier shall not be liable for forfeiture of its performance security, liquidated damages, or termination for default if and to the extent that its delay in performance or other failure to perform its obligations under the contract is the result of an event of Force Majeure.
    • For purposes of this clause, “Force Majeure” means an event beyond the control of the Supplier and not involving the Supplier’s fault or negligence and not foreseeable. Such events may include, but are not restricted to, acts of the purchaser in its sovereign capacity, wars or revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, and freight embargoes.
    • If a force majeure situation arise, the Supplier shall promptly notify the Purchaser in writing of such condition and the cause thereof. Unless otherwise directed by the Purchaser in writing, the Supplier shall continue to perform its obligations under the Contract as far as is reasonably practical, and shall seek all reasonable alternative means for performance not prevented by the force majeure event.
  • Termination for insolvency
    • The Purchaser may at any time terminate the Contract by giving written notice to the Supplier if the Supplier becomes bankrupt or otherwise insolvent. In this event, termination will be without compensation to the Supplier, provided that such termination will not prejudice or affect any right of action or remedy which has accrued or will accrue thereafter to the purchaser.
  • Termination for Convenience
    • The purchaser, by written notice sent to the Supplier, may terminate the Contract, in whole or in part, at any time for its convenience. The notice of termination shall specify that termination is for the purchaser’s convenience, the extent to which performance of the supplier under the contract is terminated, and the date upon which such termination becomes effective.
    • The buses that are complete and ready for shipment within thirty (30) days, after the purchaser shall accept the supplier’s receipt of notice of termination at the contract terms and prices. For the remaining buses, the purchaser may elect:
  • to have any portion completed and delivered at the contract terms and prices; and/or
  • to cancel the remainder and pay to the Supplier an agreed amount for partially completed Goods and Services and for materials and parts previously procured by the Supplier.
  • Settlement of Disputes
    • If any dispute or difference of any kind what so ever shall arise between the purchaser and the supplier in connection with or arising out of the contract, the parties shall make every effort to resolve amicably such dispute or difference by mutual consultation.
    • If, after thirty (30) days, the parties have failed to resolve their dispute or difference by such mutual consultation, than either the purchaser of the Supplier may give notice to the other party of its intention to commence arbitration, as hereinafter provided, as to the matter in dispute, and no arbitration in respect of this matter may be commenced unless such notice is given.
      • Any dispute or difference in respect of which a notice of intention to commence arbitration has been given in accordance with this clause shall be finally settled by arbitration. Arbitration may be commenced prior to or after delivery of the Goods under the Contract.
      • Arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of procedure specified in the SCC.
    • Notwithstanding any reference to arbitration herein,
  • The parties shall continue to perform their respective obligations under the contract unless they otherwise agree; and
  • The purchaser shall pay the supplier any monies due the supplier.
  • Limitation of Liability
    • Except in cases of criminal negligence or willful misconduct, and in the case of infringement pursuant to ITB Clause 6.
  • The supplier shall not be liable to the Purchaser, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, loss of use, loss of production, or loss of profits or interest cost, provided that this exclusion shall not apply to any obligation of the supplier to pay liquidated damages to the Purchaser and
  • The aggregate liability of the supplier to the Purchaser whether under the contract, in tort or otherwise, shall not exceed the total contract price, provided that this limitation shall not apply to the cost of repairing or replacing defective equipment.
  •  Governing Language
    • The contract shall be written in English. Subject to GCC Clause 27, the version of the contract written in the specified language shall govern its interpretation. All correspondence and other documents pertaining to the contact which are exchanged by the parties shall be written in the same language.  
  • Applicable Law
    • The contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the purchaser’s country.
  • Notices
    • Any notice given by one party to the other pursuant to this contract shall be sent to the other party in writing or by cable, telex, or facsimile and confirmed in writing to the other party’s address specified in SCC.
    • A notice shall be effective when delivered or on the notice’s effective date, whichever is later.
  • Taxes and Duties
    • All suppliers shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, duties, license fees, etc., incurred until fully delivered the buses to Selam Bus Line Share Company warehouse.

Section IV. Specification for standard bus


The intent of this specification is to describe an Inter – City luxuries tourist buses to be used for general service on roads in Ethiopia and nearby countries effectively. It shall be constructed, assembled and equipped with as per current modern manufacturing practice.

  1. Service Requirements

The vehicle shall be required to operate under the following environmental Conditions:

  • Temperature:0 – 55oC
  • Climate: Humid tropics – arid desert
  • Altitude: Sea level – 2500m
  • TECHNICAL Requirements
    • Fundamental Requirements

               Vehicle Type …… standard luxurious (modern tourist Bus)

               Curb weight ………………………… Shall be indicated

               Seating Capacity: Including toilet and refrigerator–49+1+1

               Fuel type ………………………………. Diesel, Cetaine Number 48

              Gross weight—————————- /ton

  • Engine (FUNDAMENTAL)

Mounting: Rear with ventilation Hood

Emission: Euro 3

Make & Model: original Cummins or equivalent certified by Original manufacturer or other known quality brand is accepted.

Type: 4 Cycle, Diesel, water cooled

No. of cylinder: six inline with replaceable wet type cylinder sleeve.

Displacement (L): Shall be given    

Compression ratio: Shall be given

Power output (HP):360-380HP at recommended rpm and Engine performance curve must be submitted

Torque output: 100-110NM at 1400 rpm

Aspiration:     Turbo charged and inter cooler

  • Fuel System

Fuel tank &Capacity: Two inter connected fuel tank total liters with filling cap at each side in which the filling neck is only for filling (charging) fuel not for discharging fuel from tank.

Filling cap: Lockable with chain and must accessible for electronic sensor installation.

Common Rail Electronic injection/electronic injection pump or current modern manufacturing product   and governor shall be indicated.

  • Lubrication System

                     Manufacturer’s current standard lubrication system shall be accepted.

  • Oil pump: type shall be indicated.
  • Oil cooler: Shall be indicated.
    •  Cooling System

Medium: Water

Circulation: Mechanically pump forced

Radiator: Tropicalized heavy duty made from strong material.

Thermostat: Tropical type

Temperature & belt controlled fan

Warning device: Audible & Visual

  • Air-intake System

Air cleaner;

Type: Heavy duty, dry type with restriction indicator that   

Indicates the maximum restriction developing and with two  

Stages placed in proper position at the right place.

Pre cleaner: Cyclone

Altitude compensator: Shall be fitted

Restriction gauge: Shall be fitted

Inter cooler; turbo charged Tropicalized heavy duty

  •  Exhaust System

Emission; EURO 3

Type: Heavy duty

Muffle: strong Manufacturer’s current standard which can withstand normal Vibration conditions, corrosion resistant and capable of maintaining the sound and pollution level as low as possible with Horizontal discharge.

  • Installation of radio and DVD/SD card  player with USB , MP3 FM/AM, SW 4 Band Radios &tape with wireless speakers on the dashboard is required
  • Installation of quality and well supported LCD television one at the front and one at the middle inside the bus passengers compartment
  • Wi-Fi  access for the passengers
  •  GPS system : complete GPS must be installed in each buses and compatible to the previous buses also capable to store data  when there is no network and release the data when it get network throughout operation. System separate offer must be submitted with detail specification.
  • Electric windshield wiper and washer
  • Two fog lights fitted in the front and rear bumpers
  • Reverse gear buzzer must be installed.
  • 360 Camera system
  • Air condition system must be controlled by the driver using switch when it is neccsary and placed at proper place
  • LED internally , license plate and  lagguge compartement  with sensor

 ( optional )

  • Main switch original from chassis, next to dashboard
  • Microphone: If possible wireless
  •  Required Battery type & capacity: Tropical, 24V/180-200 AH (2*12volt)
  • Alternator output for AC and other system: Shall be given
  • Starter motor capacity: Shall be given
  • Horns: Shall be electrical and Air operated with quality solenoid
  • Lighting system: Manufacturer’s current standard and all lights required by Motor vehicles for safety regulation shall be indicated
  • Display above front wind shield outside and inside for the passengers similarly above rear glass, to show initial and final arrival.
  • Wind shield wipers: Dual electrical operated 3 speeds

(High, low and intermittent) with automatic washer

Overload protection: Manufacturer’s current standard any type shall be indicated.

  • BODY (Fundamental)
  • Air condition and ventilation system; according to the manufacturer specification including fridge litter capacity with AC system gas gauge indicator on the dashboard.
    • Construction: Super high deck type all steel none rivet welded with all bolts, nuts & washers must be metric size.
  • Resin bonded plywood of high tropical quality floor.
    • Dash board: Manufacturer standard
  • Luggage Compartment: m3 withsensor control (optional)
    • Passenger Seats: Maximum comfort in the coach version (flexible relaxed)

Arrangement: (2X2) Crosswise from the bus chassis

All seats must be facing forward with shock absorbers (gas spring) safety 

Belts, head rest, magazine net, arm & foot rest.

Coffee table; Foldable coffee table at each passenger table

Driver seat: Separate and adjustable with air suspension

Seat pitch (distance) between front and rear consecutive chairs & seat width per person 725 & 400*400mm respectively.

If we use these parameters and toilet from Passengers small (hand) bags rack holder inside the bus must be well re-enforced and also protected with double strong elastic rope to protect the bags from falling down to the passengers and better technology is highly accepted, Proper charger USB for each seat to charge Mobile/Palm small computer at the right place.

Lock for luggage compartments must be made of strong material to avoid breakage due to vibration and others. Distance between left and right side seats (passenger passage)—350mm Color & Body structure; Buyers choice.

  • Door

  Two electro pneumatically &remote controlled doors for boarding & alighting of passengers& operated by the driver one in the front overhang and one at the rear right side

 Type: Hinged type& manually. With properly sized to allow comfortable boarding & alighting of passengers.

Toilet: Special toilet at middle door.

  • Glass (Fundamental)

            Type: Two pieces laminated wind screen with special adhesive such as      

            Silicon sealant, fixed upper & sliding lower dark grey tinted side safety glass  

            windows.  Driver’s sliding window glass shall be fitted but not door.

  • Bus Interior Parameter

          Instrumental panel: All gauges and controls shall be indicated on the dash  

          Board and labeled in English.

          Sun Visors: Three separate Sun Visors shall be installed.

          Mirrors:  Electrically adjustable rear view mirrors with strong repairable  

          Mirror holder shall be fitted on each side of the vehicle

         Safety equipment: An appropriate type fire extinguisher, first aid kit and  

         Reflector shall be provided.

         Interior lightings: Manufacturer’s standard.

  • . Frame

Construction: Heavy duty, continues, which can withstand terrain of rigorous on and off the road services.

Type: Manufacturer modern standard is accepted.

  • Bumper

      Manufacturer’s current standard heavy-duty front and rear bumpers shall be installed

  • Towing Devices

            Front and rear towing devices shall be fitted on the chassis frame.

  • Tire Carrier

             It shall be located at a convenient place

  • Dimensions (mm)

Ground clearance:  …………………………………………………………….  210 mm

Wheel base:  …………………………………………………………………….   6050 mm

Overall length: ………………………………………………………………….  12,000 mm

Overall width: …………………………………………………………………..  2550mm

Overall height:………………………………………………………………….. 3800 mm

Front over hang: ……………………………………………………………….   2500 mm

Rear over hang:  ………………………………………………………………..   3300 mm

Rear& front door ground clearance: …………………………………….  420mm

Interior height of compartment: ………………………………………….    1850mm

  • STEERING (Fundamental)

Location: Left hand

System: Hydraulic power assisted original ZF, Bosch or Equivalent certified from original manufacturer.

  • POWER TRAIN (Fundamental)
    • CLUTCH: Type Hydraulic: Torque capacity shall be submitted
    • Transmission (Gear box)

Type: Heavy duty,Automatic transmission capable to climb high mountain area and high speed in flat area which is original ZF or equivalent certified from original manufacturer, with hydraulic retarder to be operated by foot or hand with warning devices installed for high mountainous  area and Appropriate in or across the country.

Heat exchangers: Quality heat exchangers for the hydraulic retarder and separate hydraulic filter for transmission must be installed.

Specify of gear shifts selector:  forward, neutral and reverse

Gear ratio against the torque: and fuel consumption shall be submitted all information together with the tender documents.

  • Differential; Heavy duty differential appropriate with Automatic and braking torques and with good performance for high torque data shall be submitted.

 If hub reduction is used submit differential and hub reduction ratio against each automatic transmission change.

    • Front Axle;

           Type: Heavy-duty quality advanced “I-beam” with rated capacity 7.5ton

  • Rear Axle;

             Type: Heavy-duty with advanced axle. With rated capacity11ton

  • Suspensions

Both rear & front electrical control air bag suspension system with Double acting telescopic hydraulic shock absorber (on both axles) Special ECAS system must be installed.

    • Compressor type: gear driven Engine oil pressure lubricated, water cooled. 
    • Warning device: Audible & visible low air pressure type
    •  Air reserve tank: Shall be of ample capacity and shall be equipped with an appropriately located drain cock
    • Air line:

Type: Heavy duty steel pipes

    • Type: Both rear & front disc brake with special and easily Serviceable caliper with pad inspection system.
    • Service brakes: Full air pressure diaphragm operated on all wheel dual circuit full air system.
    • Parking brakes: Spring loaded rear brake chamber with air release.
    • Retarder: hydraulic retarder within the gear box and with high Capacity oil cooler.
    • Quality ABS with brake lining wear indicator on the dash board should be available.     
    • Wheels: steel Single front and rear wheels. All wheel and rims Including spare shall be interchangeable
    • Tires (Fundamental)        

       Type: Tubeless

      Size: 295/80R22.5


Turning radius: Shall be indicated

Angle of app. /dep. (x/x): Shall be indicated

Grade ability (tan ø): Shall be indicated

Maximum speed: 100 up to 120 km/hour with adjustable speed    

Limiter sealed and controlled by the byer work shop

Fuel consumption: Shall be indicated

Certified engine data: Shall be submitted

Braking Distance: Shall be submitted

  1. TOOLS

          All essential standard manufacturers’ tools shall be provided with each vehicle

          Hydraulic jack: 25 ton with wheel & other wrenches.

          Mud guard, Rear: Required

          Emergency Hummer: Required and others that included based on   

          Manufacturer specification

  1. The supplier must submit one four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles equipped with one full toolkits with free of charge that would serve for Selam bus line share company as mobile garage
  2. OTHERS:
    1. Manuals; Maintenance, spare parts (part catalogue), operators Standard     Manufacturer’s manual appropriate for the bus in both hard and soft copy must   be given.
  3. Field kits of spare parts
  4. Recommended spare parts (Attached in index A)
  5. Special tools & other kits
    1.   Training for technicians and drivers: The detail of trainings for technicians inside and abroad along with accomplishing period must be clearly indicated.
    1. Trainees and Trainees cost:  The training conducted in side or abroad for the technician and drivers, all the training costs must be covered by the supplier. 
  6. Warranty periods: > 24 Month or >200,000 kilometer which ever come first. Components failed during warrantee period supplier will be responsible to extend the warrantee period until completely solved.
  1. Price schedule for Buses & Related Services

Procurement Reference No: – 001/2019

No Description QUANTITY Unit Price BIRR Total Price BIRR
1 Inter – City luxuries tourist buses 49+1+1 SEATER      
  VAT 15%      
  Total in birr including vat 15%      
  • Delivery Place:                       up to Selam Bus Line Share Company warehouse.
  • Validity of this Bid: 120 days.
  • Payment 30% advance against bank unconditional guarantee remaining 70% after fully delivered and accepted by Selam Bus Share Company. 
  • Performance Bond: 10% of the total contract from local Banks will be arranged by supplier.



Position:                                                                                     Stamp


  1. Fundamentals must fulfill 100% the company requirement if not, this will be one of the rejection points during technical analysis.
  2. Technical and Financial documents must be submitted each one original and one copy with separate envelope in the same closing date.
  3. The Bid shall be accompanied with Bid bond amount mentioned in the tender

Documents and winner shall arrange Performance Bond 10% of the total contract amount from accepted bank counter guaranteed by local banks 15 days after contract is signed and Performance bond currency must be in Ethiopian birr.

  1.  Selam bus Line Share Company will pay total price offered in Birr and the total price offered should include all cost add 15% VAT for the total purchase after delivery to share company premises.
  2. Only Bidders who score greater than 80% technical result will be invited to participate for financial opening.

A Main technical specification 77
2.1 Fundamental requirement 4
2.2 Engine 15
2.3 Fuel system 5
2.8 Electrical/Electronic equipment with all necessary accessories 8
3.0 Body 6
4.0 Chassis 5
5.0 Steering 5
6.0 power train 10
7 Axles & Suspension 4
8.0 Brake system 6
9.0 Wheels and Tyres 4
10 Performance dates 5
B Other technical parameters 23
S.NO. Description Score
A Main technical specification 77
2.1 Fundamental requirements 4
2.1.1 kerb weight 1
2.1.2 seating capacity including toilet and refrigerator –49+1+1 1
2.1.3 Fuel Type 1
2.1.4 Gross weight 1
2.2 ENGINE ( Fundamental) 15
2.2.1 mounting ————– Rear 2
2.2.2 Emission —————- Euro 3 3
2.2.3 Make & Model specify 4
2.2.4 Power out put (HP) 360-380HP at recommended RPM with performance curve 3
2.2.5 Torque in N-M at given speed 2
2.2.6 Aspiration turo charger with inter cooler 1
2.3 FUEL 5
2.3.1 Capacity and arrangement with electronic sensor for GPS 5
2.8.1 Electrical and accessories to meet our company requirement 8
3.0 Body ( Fundamental ) 6
4.0 Chassis 5
4.1 Frames to our requirement 1
4.3 Tyre carrier 1
4.5 Dimensions as per the spec 3
5.0 Steering ( Fundamental ) 5
5.1 Left hand drive and power assisted 5
6.0 Power Train ( Fundamental ) 10
6.1 Clutch 2
6.2 Automatic transmission with hydraulic retarder 6
6.3 Hydraulic retarder application 2
7 Axles & Suspension 4
7.1 Front & rear Axle capacity 2
7.2 Suspension 2
9 Brake system 6
9.1 Type & Actuation principle of brakes 3
9.2 Retarder type & capacity 3
10 Wheels and Tyres 4
10.1 Wheels made of steel 2
10.2 Tyre size 2
11 Performance dates 5
B Other Technical Parameters 23
1 Warranty 8
2 Parts Price List 2
3 Spare Parts Availability 3
4 Delivery Time 2
5 Standardization 2
6 Tools Kits, Special Tools & Others Supply 2
7 Training, manuals and Spare Parts Catalogues 2
8 Field Kits 2
2. NON – TECHNICAL 100 %  
S,.NO. Description Score

NB: To be qualified Technically, the Supplier  must submit on four wheel drive (4D) vehicles equipped with one full toolkit with free of charge that would serve for Selam Bus Line Share Company as mobile garage.

SECTION v.  Special conditions of contract

The following special conditions of Contract shall supplement the General Conditions of Contract. Whenever there is a conflict, the provisions herein shall prevail over those in the general conditions of contract.

  1. Definitions (GCC Clause 1)

GCC 1.1 (g) – The purchaser is: Selam Bus Line Share Company

GCC 1.1 (h) – The purchaser’s country is: The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

GCC 1.1 (i) – The supplier is: To be filled with when known.

  • Performance Security (GCC Clause 7)

GCC 7.1 – The amount of performance security, as a percentage of the Contract price, shall be ten (10) percent of the contract price.

GCC 7.4 – After delivery and acceptance of the Goods, the performance security shall be reduced to two (2) percent of the Contract Price to cover the Supplier warranty obligations in accordance with Clause GCC 15.2.

  • Inspections and Test (GCC Clause 8)

GCC 8.6 – Inspection and tests prior to shipment and at final acceptance are as follows:

  • Inspection prior to shipment shall be conducted by SGS. The cost for inspection should be borne by the supplier.
    • At final acceptance, SBLSC or it authorized representative will inspect the equipment supplied at the final destination (SBLSC warehouse) and issue the acceptance certificate.
  • Packing (GCC Clause 9)

Packing shall be marked as follows: SBLSC


Addis Ababa, Cherkos subcity, keble 20/21, House No. 04/40, Meskel Square Finfine Building Fifth Floor.

  • Insurance (GCC Clause 11)

GCC 11.1 – The Insurance shall be in an amount equal to 110 percent of the CIP value of the Goods from “warehouse” to “warehouse” on “All Risks” basis, including War Risks and strikes.

  • Incidental Services (GCC Clause 13)

GCC 13.1 – Incidental services to be provided are:

  • The purchaser desires that all equipment be shipped in fully assembled condition from the supplier’s ware house/port of shipment.
  • The supplier will be responsible for immediate delivery of any component received short or damaged.
  • The supplier will make available qualified personnel for complete assembly and satisfactory running trial at the place indicated in (a) above without any additional cost.
  • Failure of the supplier to comply with any one of the above requirements will constitute default of the supplier and would be sufficient ground for termination of the contract for default without prejudice to any other rights of the purchaser under any of the terms of the contract.
  • Furnishing of a detailed operations and maintenance manual for each appropriate unit of the supplied Goods as required in the technical specifications.
  • Spare Parts (GCC Clause 14)

GCC 14.1 – Supplier shall carry sufficient inventories to assure ex-stock supply of consumable spares for the Goods. Other spare parts and components shall be supplied as promptly as possible, but in any case within three (3) months of placing the order and opening a letter of credit if required.

  • Warranty (GCC Clause 15)

GCC 15.2 – In partial modification of the provisions, the warranty period shall be 24 months from date of acceptance of the buses. The supplier shall, in addition, comply with the performance and/or consumption guarantees specified under the contract. If, for reasons attributable to the supplier, these guarantees are not attained in whole or in part, the supplier shall, at its discretion, either;

  • Make such changes, modifications, and/or additions to the Goods or any part thereof as may be necessary in order to attain the contractual guarantees specified in the contract at its own cost and expense and to carry out further performance tests in accordance with SCC 4,


  • Pay liquidated damages to the purchaser with respect to the failure to meet the contractual guarantees. The rate of these liquidated damages shall be (0.5%) per week of the delivered price of the delayed goods or equipment.

GCC 15.4 & 15.5 – The period for correction of defects in the warranty period is: maximum of one month.

  • Payment (GCC Clause 16)

GCC 16.1 – The method and conditions of payment to be made to the Supplier under this contract shall be as follows:

Payment for Goods and Services supplied from within the Purchaser’s country:

Payment for buses and services supplied from within the purchaser’s country shall be made in Ethiopian Birr as follows:

  • Thirty present of the contract price shall be paid in advance when sales agreement is sighed both parties.
  • The riming 70 present of the contract price shall be paid after full delivered and accepted by the share company.
  • Liquidated Damages (GCC Clause 23)

GCC 23.1 – Applicable rate: 0.5% per week.

Maximum deduction: shall not exceed 10% of the contract price

  1.  Settlement of Disputes (GCC Clause 28)
  2. Contracts with Supplier national of the Purchaser’s country:

In the case of a dispute between the Purchaser and a supplier who is a national of the Purchaser’s country, the dispute shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the laws of the purchase’s country.

  1. Governing Language (GCC Clause 30)

GCC 30.1 – The Governing Language shall be: English

  1. Applicable Law (GCC Clause 31)

GCC 31.1 – The Applicable Law shall be: Ethiopian Law

Index A
Recommended spare parts For  Euro 3 Engine  and Automatic transmission
S/noDescription in English unitQty
1Cylinder Head Hood Shim 1 Piece( gasket) 
2Fine Fuel Filter 1 Piece 
3Oil Filter 1 Piec
4Water Filter 1 Piec
5Primary Fuel Filter Element 1 Piece 
6Water Cup 1 Piec
7Steering Oil Tank Filter Element 1 Piece
8Drier Filter Element 1 Piec
9Wiring harness 1 Piece 
10Thermostat 1 Piec
11Starter 1 Piec
12Supercharger 1 Piece 
13Supercharger pipelines 1 Piece (turbo hose -cast)
14Air Compressor 1 Piece
15Water Pump 1 Piec
16Multi-wedge Belt 1 Piec
17Air Filter Element 1 Piec
18Outer Thermostat 1 Piec
19Expansion Tank Pressure Cover;0.7MPa 1 Piece 212 (breather)
20Expansion Tank Pressure Cover;1.0MPa 1 Piece  212( Main)
21Air Spring 1 Piece 件 19990101 ( front)
22Air Spring Seat 1 Piece(front)
23Air Spring 1 Piece Rear
24Air Spring Seat 1 Piece
25Brake Disk 2 Piece(rear)
26Brake Disk 2 Piec (Front)
27Brake calliper 2 Piec ) Front
28Brake calliper 2 Piec ) rear
29Steering Oil Pump Assy. 1 Piece
30Pressure Switch 1 Piece 
31ECAS Solenoid Valve 1 Piece  – 140
33Generator 1 Piece  – 177 (Engine)
34Generator 1 Set  – 1(AC)
35Right Headlamp 1 Piece 
36Left Headlamp 1 Piece 
37Left Rear Tail Lamp 1 Piece  – 171 
38Right Rear Tail Lamp 1 Piec
39Wiper Blade 2 Pcs  225
40Motor, Wiper 1 Piece  225;2010051
41Front Windshield Glass 1 Piec( Left)
42Front Windshield Glass 1 Piec(Right)
42Inter cooler